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Educational Consultancy

Selecting a school for your children is one of the most important decisions any parent can make. Too often this decision is based on a subjective assessment of a school’s suitability, perhaps on hearsay or a friend or family member's attendance at a particular school. While these may be valid reasons, my overriding belief is that each child should be “matched” more specifically to school/s according to academic and other criteria in order to get the best out of your child's education.

My aim is to empower parents to make the right school choice for their child by knowing what to look for and ask.

Tuition Services

Although the majority of my tutoring is now geared towards UK entrance exams, the exam/school is never the goal: enhanced learning and helping a child to achieve their best comes first and foremost through personalised individual teaching.  With good practice, these two goals normally come together.  I tutor children mainly from Year 5 to Year 8 filling in gaps and extending both English and Maths and where 11+ and 13+ exams are a factor, I also prepare for Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal reasoning.  Fundamental to my approach is not just motivational teaching, but helping pupils to learn for themselves.  An important cornerstone to my approach is encouraging good quality reading.  Practice papers only ever become a focus once the core skills have been achieved.

Services Offered

Schools Search Initial Meeting

  • General information about how to make school choices and the process of applying to schools
  • Additional extras according to clients’ needs:
    • Review your child’s school report before the meeting 
    • Analysis of a couple of specific schools you are interested in

Schools Advice Package

Following on from the initial meeting, you may decide you want me to search for a suitable school for your child according to their needs and your family’s circumstances.

This would involve -

Us deciding on the criteria for the school search e.g. academic, geographical, single sex/co-ed etc

Me doing background research to develop a long and short list of recommended schools according to said criteria

A follow up meeting to share my findings and discuss with you potential issues/pertinent questions you should follow up with schools/on school visits. 

Direct contact with schools, school visits and other tailor made packages can also be arranged.

New Students Evaluation

  • Reviewing a child’s reports
  • An initial one hour meeting with parents to discuss the child’s educational background and parental/school concerns
  • Setting up an individual tutorial programme for the child after their first session 

Tutorial Package (8 Sessions)

  • 8 one hour tutorials
  • Written feedback in the form of a review at the end of the batch of sessions
  • A booked meeting in the course of the sessions to discuss the pupil’s progress.

Additional meetings requested by parents within a batch of sessions (such as for schools advice) will be invoiced separately.

Ad hoc tutorial sessions also available for specific circumstances.


The following educational articles have been also published by Fiona Hodgkins in various publications.

The Same but Different - Old Cornelian Spring 2010

The Same but Different - Old Cornelian Spring 2010

Boarding School Advice - BEAM May 2013

Boarding School Advice - BEAM May 2013

Schools Researched to Date

The following link provides a list of schools for which Fiona has:

  • Prepared entrance exams for students
  • Personally Visited
  • Been in contact with on behalf of parents

LINK: Schools researched to date


A selection of recent comments from clients is provided below.

LINK: References