Ellipsis Learning

Ellipsis Learning and Educational Consultancy run by Fiona Hodgkins (BA Hons, PGCE, CELTA) provides educational advice, tutoring support and the publication of historical and educational books.

Core to Ellipsis Learning is tutoring which is offered to support the learning and educational needs of later primary and early secondary school students (Years 5 to 8), predominantly the preparation for the Common Entrance 11+ and 13+ and other specific entrance exams for schools in the UK.

Educational advice is predominantly centred around British and other expatriate clients considering UK based education of their children - either in the UK private or state sectors, whether boarding or day schools. Advice includes the evaluation of the academic needs of clients' children and together with other factors, matching it to a selection of UK schools.

Ellipsis learning also publishes a small selection of historical and educational books as well as related articles.

 Fiona Hodgkins

Fiona Hodgkins

Fiona Hodgkins's professional life has revolved around history and education. She currently lives between England and Singapore with her family. Fiona’s career as a teacher spans more than 25 years in the UK, Zimbabwe, Sharjah, Venezuela, Trinidad, Dubai and Singapore.

Prior to setting up Ellipsis Learning and Educational Consultancy, Fiona taught at the Tanglin Trust School in Singapore. 

With a first degree from the University of Durham in History and Sociology, Fiona has a special interest in social history. While living in Singapore she has used the opportunity to research a period in history with particular family significance during the Japanese occupation of Singapore during WWII.  

This research has culminated in two recently published books:  From Syonan to Fuji-Go, The Story of the Catholic Settlement of Bahau in WWII Malaya and its children’s companion book - Voices Under the Rising Sun.



"With over 25 years teaching experience in the UK and overseas at British and international schools, whilst taking a sabbatical to do some historical research, I was approached by a friend to do some tutoring for her son.  This quickly snowballed and so Ellipsis Learning came into being in 2011.  Drawing together my years of classroom experience, I found enormous satisfaction in being able to use best practice to devise individual programmes to bring children’s learning forward whatever their level.  Over time, as more and more of my students came for preparation for UK schools entry exams, (both with a long and short lead time) so the Educational Consultancy part of Elllipsis learning came in to being as I came to offer advice to parents on suitable schools for their children.  Now, I have a portfolio of over 70 schools that I have prepared children for, visited or had personal contact with and many more that I have done research into.  Whilst my core business is tutoring and advising families of children I tutor, since 2012, I have been successfully giving advice to parents of children I do not tutor.

Having been an expatriate for over 27 years and having lived, taught, and had my own children at 21 educational establishments from Nursery to University in six countries, I have become an expert at moving between countries and have successfully chosen four different boarding schools for my own children.  This personal experience coupled with my educational background has been invaluable in informing the services I now offer to both expatriates overseas and people in the UK looking to move overseas but also people in the UK making school choices.  

I advise parents with a completely unbiased approach as I take no commission from any schools.  And my approach is not to do all the work for parents, but to help them make the final decisions for themselves pointing them in the right direction and showing them what they should be looking out for."

"My aim is to empower parents to make the right school choice for their child by knowing what to look for and ask"